Fall/winter 2018/19

Photos: Markéta Gorčíková

Hair & makeup: Saša Baladová

Models: Barbora & Julie

The Fall/winter collection 2018/19 was designed during our short stay in Berlin, Germany. This city, for us, is a culinary paradise and so the inspiration comes from colorful food, such as raspberries, blueberries, olives, bread and so on. The collection invites you to get a bite of local fashion. The underlying message is to incite a conversation about our approach to fashion. We have learned to eat high quality food and now it is time to make this transformation in clothing, too. Local fashion can be very enjoyable, chic, made from beautiful materials and have the highest quality. It deserves to be supported and appreciated.

Materials used in this collection include wool, angora, cotton and leather. The collection was produced entirely in Prague, Czech Republic.