The Anatomy of Fabrics - Man-made Fibers

To complete the list of fibers, I need to mention the man-made ones which are a huge and widely-used category.

This type of fibers is created by a chemical process. We can divide man-made fibers into 2 groups - polymers (natural or synthetic) and inorganic fibers.

We will focus on polymers:

Natural polymers

Most common are the ones using cellulose taken form a tree, such as from eucalyptus, bambus, beech, oak, pine, etc. Here we can find - viscose/rayon, modal, tencel/lyocell or cupro (each uses a different chemical process). Among natural polymers there are also rubber or acetate.

Synthetic polymers

Usually made from coal or petroleum, so basically, these fabrics are plastic. In this category, there is polyester, acrylic, nylon, vinyl, polyurethane, elastane etc.

In my work, I sometimes use cellulose fibers such as viscose, because it is easier to take care of than silk for example. In other occasions, I pick a fabric with added elastane to add stretch or, nylon to strengthen wool. However, no man-made fiber has all the positive, especially thermo-reagulatory, characteristics like natural fibers. This, specifically, is very important aspect for me when choosing a fabric. As you may know, I used to work in a bank, where I had to look good as well as feel good and not sweaty for hours. Sometimes I had no time to change my clothes and the days were stressful and long. Therefore, the choice of fabrics in my wardrobe was essential. And it was hard to find fine materials in normal stores. That is why I started thinking of making such clothes on my own and not only for me but also for others. This is the reason I use wool in majority of my work and I complement it with cotton, silk, linen and cashmere garments. You will not find any polyester, acrylic or polyurethane in my garments, because basically being a plastic, it doesn´t breathe and to more sensitive people it may cause skin allergies. So it is not suitable for my purpose.

I hope, through my work, I will be able to transfer my affection to natural materials to you, my customers, as well!

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