The Anatomy of Fabrics – Introduction

Hello fellow readers,

This is the very first TAM ARA blog post. I, Tamara, will be writing about topics that I hope will be interesting for you and will teach you some things about fabrics, fashion and my work :) So, let´s jump right into it!

I believe that the knowledge is the key to our decisions. That is why I decided to start this blog with an educational series about materials. It is important for the customer to know, from what and how their garments are constructed to be able to choose the best one. The one that feels comfortable, lasts and doesn´t lose it´s shape.

We will talk about the composition of fabrics, characteristics of certain materials and textiles and at the very end I will describe the general ways of how to take care of your garments.


At the beginning of the textile production there is a fiber. It is a very thin component that is later processed into a yarn which is then transformed into a fabric.

There are several ways of making a yarn from a fiber and also various techniques of creating a textile from a yarn. At the end, the textile may be treated in different ways to get the final fabric. In the series we will go through each step to show you how complex this whole process is.

In the next post, we will take a closer look into fibers itself.

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