I decided to create the TAM ARA womenswear brand out of passion for beautiful and timeless clothes.

I want women to start appreciating themselves more, that is why TAM ARA clothes are made of natural materials. I specialize in wool and cotton but you can also find pieces made of silk, linen and other fine fabrics. I would like you to experience the feeling of comfort when you wear them.

I tend to create minimalistic designs that can look great on their own but are also easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe. The patterns are simple, yet still imaginative.

I would like to show you that designer work can be accessible. TAM ARA fashion pieces can be customized according to your wishes and so become truly unique.

I want you, my customers, to let the clothes be a part of you and express your personality and mood. Through my work, I want to see more self-confident women on the streets of our cities. That is why, please, DARE TO BE YOURSELF.

All of this describes my mission almost completely. I say almost because with beautiful fashion and satisfied clients, sustainability goes hand in hand.

All TAM ARA garments are designed and sewn in the Czech Republic. I use regional resources whenever I can to support the local economy and to reduce my enviromental footprint. I try to use all the materials to the maximum extent, generating as little waste as possible.

I invite you to help me keep the the discussion about sustainable fashion alive. It is important for us and for the future generations.