TAM ARA was born out of passion for beautiful and timeless clothes. The person behind the brand is Tamara Bodnárová, who started her career as a banker. After years of struggling to find the best suitable clothes for her job, she decided to establish her own line and help other women feel great in office wear. Free time is just as important, however, so the brand also offers casual wear in Urban Chic style.

Our 10 Core Values

You, customers - we want women to start appreciating themselves more. Through our work, we want to see more self-confident women on the streets of our cities, hence our motto DARE TO BE YOURSELF.

Material - we focus on natural materials only, beacuse we believe in their adavantages over synthetic ones. In our collections, you can find pieces made from wool, cashmere, cotton, linen or silk. Sometimes, we work with viscose or use a fabric with added elastane for better fit.

Specialization in wool - it's our passion. It all started with it and we are keen on bringing you high quality wool pieces regardless of season or trend. We think knowledge is key, so not only we work with this fine material but we also educate our customers and followers about its qualities and characteristics.

Minimalism - one of our goals is not to confine you in any time period. We tend to create minimalistic designs that can look great on their own but are also easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe. The patterns are simple yet still imaginative. It is you and your personality that should shine and our clothes are here to enhance that.

Customization - everyone is different and that should not be an obstacle when buying clothes. Our production is a small-scale, hands-on process so the pieces can be customized according to your wishes and so become truly unique.

Progress - we listen to you and do our best to implement your wishes and suggestions for improvement while staying true to our aesthetic.

Local sources - we try to source as many inputs as we can locally to decrease our enviromental footprint. However, we do not want to compromise on quality, so sometimes we have to get our materials outside our region.

Work ethics - work conditions are highly important to us. Our garments are designed and sewn in the Czech Republic. We hire local independent seamstresses that are paid a fair price.

Another life for our "leftovers" - we try to buy only as much material as we need and use it to the maximum extent. When there is any excess, we look for ways to use it differently or we donate it to other creative people that give it a second chance. That is why you will not find much stock at our studio.

Next generations - we would like our garments to be with you as long as possible and, maybe, be inherited or re-discovered by your children or their children.